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Welcome to ARTicle

Note from the creator: a brief explanation of why I've created ARTicle

What more can another blog offer the world? In a digital sea of personal websites and 20-somethings giving their tragically misunderstood and profound two-cents, what more can be said? Truthfully, probably not much. Yet, still I've created this blog to do exactly that. 

Thank you for visiting ARTicle, my attempt at providing useful and accessible reviews of art museums and exhibits I visit. After taking an art and entertainment journalism course and being accepted to study visual art management at the masters level, I decided it was due time I gave it an honest try and worked on my review skills, writing about the art I see. Especially since the majority of my time sightseeing already consists of visits to galleries and exhibitions. 

Please share, comment and engage with my work. I welcome your feedback, criticism, and suggestions. My goal throughout my undergraduate education has been to make the arts more accessible to everyone and open a dialogue about art in our society. With this blog, I hope to achieve this. 

For more information about me, visit the ABOUT ME page.

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