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Is Facebook the new art curator?

My current research investigates the interaction between social media and the art world, with a particular emphasis on censorship policies and the representation of women in art media 

Projects & Research

Zine Against the Machine

Zine-making workshop at Battersea Arts Centre

April 07, 2017

For this project, I was brought in to run a zine-making workshop at Battersea Art Centre's Homegrown Festival Wrap Party. Working with BAC young producer Keisha Williams, I assisted guests with understanding and creating their own zines. Grassroots, gritty, and imperfect in nature, zines are the ultimate form of self expression; since many popular magazines often don't represent everyday people, zines are a chance to reclaim identity through images we are surrounded by. Workshop text: "Everyone has a story to tell. Express yourself, share your ideas and stick it to the man in a zine-making workshop with journalist, feminist and zine enthusiast @aigraff" (For info:

If you or your organization is interested in hiring me to run a zine workshop, please visit my ABOUT page to contact me.

Is Facebook the new art curator?

Master's dissertation

For my master's dissertation I am researching the current and potential implications that social media censorship policies have on artists and the works that are shown. For this project, I am analyzing censorship policies, with a particular emphasis on how they affect the representation of women's bodies in artworks. Additionally, I am investigating social media as an art space, not dissimilar from a museum, gallery, or public setting.

Emerging professionals interview emerging artists

VAM Artist Interview Collection

In progress

I am currently compiling a series of interviews with emerging artists in London conducted by my classmates in the Visual Arts Management and Curating programme at Richmond, the American International University in London. For this project, I am designing a 52-page print and digital publication that will serve as a record both of the VAM students and of emerging artists working in London as of Spring 2017. This is the inaugural edition of the publication, with the hope of it becoming a yearly publication from the VAM programme.

Sex in the Gallery

Arts Education Learning Pack

March 14, 2017

For this theoretical project completed for school, I created a Museum Learning Pack with the aim to help UK school teachers help facilitate Sex & Relationship Education per the UK Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4. For this hypothetical workshop, I used works from the Tate Britain's Collection to spark discussion about gender, sexuality, family, and identity topics. I then compiled the lesson plans into a workable document for teachers including student worksheets. This project was completed for an assignment in my Arts Education course at Richmond, the American International University in London and was not associated with Tate Britain.

Teen takeover

Audience development plan

November 01, 2016

For this theoretical project completed for school, I identified a gap in the audience demographic at the Getty Villa and Center in Los Angeles, California, among 13-18 year olds. To target this group, I created a hypothetical "Teen Membership Scheme" with a variety of benefits and events in order to get more teens to visit the Museum and engage with art. This project was created for an assignment in an Arts Management and Marketing course at Richmond, the American International University in London and is not associated with the Getty.

At home with monsters

A sponsorship proposal

December 01, 2016

For this theoretical project completed for school, I proposed a sponsorship between the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and 20t Century Fox following LACMA's then-current exhibit on the design of "Guillermo del Toro: At home with Monsters." I connected the missions and marketing plans of both companies and created three sponsorship options, at different price levels, as well as detailing various benefits and including a sponsorship agreement contract. This project was completed for my Arts Management and Marketing course at Richmond, the American International University in London and was not associated with LACMA or 20th Century Fox.

Beauty & Decay

A digital art exhibit

April 30, 2016

Hannah Ray Lambert is a talented artist who I have worked with for years. I created a digital exhibition-like publication of her latest series of work "Beauty & Decay," showcasing her style, theme, inspiration, and methods. This was produced as part of my Publications Layout course as an undergrad at Richmond, the American International University in London.



View the exhibit here:


View her other work here:

Glossy, glossy pages

WSU Visitors Guide Magazine

April 30, 2016

I was hired as the founding editor in chief of the WSU Department of Student Media's acquisition of the Visitor's Guide Magazine. Over the course one year, I hired writers, editors and photographers, assigned and edited content, and designed a 52-page glossy, color magazine featuring the campus and City of Pullman. I managed a staff of about 15 writers, editors and photographers, and co-ordinated with the Advertising Department to sell and place ads in the magazine. 

Cloaked in Mystery

Cloak Review Literary & Arts Journal

December 31, 2014

Over the course of five months, I co-created a literary arts journal from concept to finalized product. I served as the journal's designer as well as editing various submission for grammar and content. Working with three others, we completed the project in every step of the publishing process, including submission solicitation, editorial decisions, marketing, contacting contributors, editing content, designing the document, printing, assembling and distributing copies.

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